Web Portal

All-in-One Web Portal


The IntouchSMS Gateway offers a web-portal access for clients who wish to manage their messaging requirements directly. The web portal enables our clients to log into their intouchSMS accounts and perform a number of tasks, ranging from sending messages to viewing reports.

How to access the Web Portal.

Access to the web portal requires a computer with an internet connection. You can access your account from any location in the world, and also from multiple devices simultaneously.


No software installations are required, the portal is accessed by navigating to www.intouchsms.co.rw on your computer. For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome Web browser.

Features Overview.

Through the web-portal, you can perform a number of tasks and functions. An overview is given below. Click on the link to jump to that section:

  • Send Messages
  • Customised Sender ID
  • Delivery Reports
  • Receive Messages
  • Schedule Messages
  • Send Customised Messages

    Contacts Management
  • Save, Edit, Delete Contacts
  • Upload Contacts from Excel
  • Manage Contacts into Groups

  • Generate Reports with Custom Filters
  • Export Reports to EXCEL and PDF.

  • Standard Accounts
  • Business Accounts

  • Mobile Money Enabled Payments
  • Payment Receipts

  • Messaging.

    Send Messages.

    You can send SMS to any number of mobile phones with a single Click. Each SMS is limited to 160 characters, but the service enables you to send up to 6 messages as one, that will be recombined into a single message on the receipient's mobile phone.

    You can select the receipients' numbers from your saved contacts, groups, or upload an excel sheet with the contacts.

    Customised Sender ID / Name.

    You can send SMS to that appear to come from a customised senderID or name, for example "INTOUCH" at no extra costs. The senderID is limited to 11 characters only*. For now, senderIDs are not charged and are free.

    Business Accounts have the capability to create their own senderIDs. Ordinary accounts however need are not allowed this feature because of the sensivity of this capability. If you need a sender ID added to your account, please contact our team.

    Delivery Reports.

    Each SMS you send, you are notified of its delivery status. This indicates whether the SMS has been delivered or not. There are several statuses that include;

  • Queued: the SMS is still waiting to be processed and sent to the Telecom company for delivery.
  • Processing: the SMS is being processed, before it can be sent to the Telecom company for delivery.
  • Delivered: the SMS has been delivered successfully to the mobile user.
  • Not Sent: the SMS was not sent, because of an error in the format of the number, message, or a network failure.
  • Failed: the SMS failed to be delivered. this could be because the Mobile phone is off, the number is nolonger in service, or general network failure.

    Ideally, all sent SMS should have a status of Delivered.

    Receive Messages.

    You can receive SMS from receipients into your inbox. This is achieved through using a keyword that is assigned to your account. So, when mobile subscribers want to send you a message, they type on their phone Keyword Message.

    This feature is free of charge, but the normal telecom rates apply to the person sending the message.

    To enable this feature, please contact our team to assign your account a keyword.

    Schedule Messages.

    You can schedule SMS to be sent from your account at a specific time and date. This is done by going to the Schedule Messages tab and on the calendar, selecting the date you want to send the message.

    You then select the time for the message to be sent, and select the frequency (how many times) the message will be sent. Then type out your message, add the receipients and save.

    It will appear on your calendar as an activity. You can edit, or even cancel this Scheduled Message by clicking on it in the Calendar.

    When the date and time reaches, the message will be sent automatically even if you are not logged into your account.

    This is applicable for cases such as Anniversaries, reminders, or automated messages taht are supposed to be sent out at specific periods, regularly.

    Customised Messages.

    You can send customised SMS to a large number of people, with each message customised to the receipient. This is different from send out a generic message, as it appears to have been sent directly to the person only.

    An example is:

    ordinary message: Hello Client, your monthly invoice is ready.

    customised message: Hello Martin, your monthly invoice number 11222 for Internet service is ready.

    This enables you to send out a large number of customised messages quickly, without having to type out each individual message.

  • Contacts Managment.

    Save, Edit, Delete Contacts.

    Your account has a full fledged contacts management feature that enables you to create, edit, and delete contacts. This comes in handy when you are sending messages, and do not need to type out the numbers. You can simply check in your address book.

    This feature enables you to save multiple phone number under the same contact, and an email address.

    Upload Contacts from Excel.

    You can upload contacts into your account from excel, and save them as contacts. This feature also allows you to send SMS directly from an uploaded EXCEL Sheet.

    Manage Contacts into Groups.

    This feature enables you to easily group contacts according to certain similarities, For example, you can group contacts into a gingle group called 'Teachers', another 'Supervisors'. A contact can belong to more than one group at a time.

    This enables you to easily send messages to certain groups of people without having to look for each contact everytime you need to communicate with that group.


    Generate Reports.

    You can view your usage statistics using the Reports feature. This is accesed through the Filter at the top of each peach, that enable you to Search, Select Date Ranges, etc, to view desired information.

    Then you can view your reports directly in your browser, or you can export the reports to EXCEL format ot PDF format.


    You only pay for the SMS you use. There are no set up fees, fixed fees, or recurring fees.

    Standard Accounts.

    We offer three pricing options for the standard account:

  • prepaid option: By default, all prepaid account are prepaid. You have to purchase SMS credits before you can start using the service to send messages.

  • post paid option: This option is for corporate clients who use the service with no limitation, and are invoiced regularly. This option requires an Commercial Agreement.

  • purchase order option: This option is used for corporate clients who wish to use the service without paying in advance.

    Business Accounts.

    Business Accounts have preferential prices that is organised in packages. The more SMS credits you purchase, the lower the price for each unit SMS.

  • Payments.

    Purchasing SMS.

    To simply the process of purchasing SMS, we have automated this by enabling Mobile Money payments. You need to have some Mobile Money on your account for this to work.

    After selecting the number of credits you wish to purchase, a payment confirmation request will be sent to your account for you to approve.

    On approval, the SMS credits will be automatically loaded into your account. You will also receive a confirmation email with a payment receipt showing the details of the transaction.