Carrier Grade Messaging

What is SMPP

This section describes using SMPP instead of REST to access IntouchSMS APIs. SMPP is more applicable for high volume traffic, and is preferable to HTTP API, as its faster, operates with low latency and is standardised for global interconnectity.

Implementing SMPP access requires a deep understanding of this standard telecommunications protocol. Use this technology only if your organization is has the technical resources to implement an SMPP integration.

What is SMPP?

Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) is a protocol that the telecommunications industry uses to exchange SMS messages between Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) and/or External Short Messaging Entities (ESME).

SMPP is a level-7 TCP/IP protocol, which enables fast delivery of SMS messages. It is widely used for short message exchange outside SS7 networks because of its support for non-GSM SMS protocols such as UMTS and CDMA.

Intouch offers this service to integrate new carriers and make it easier for customers with an existing SMPP implementation to use our platform for high-volume, low-latency performace.

Instead of having to re-implement messaging over our REST APIs, you can simply modify your existing integration to establish a bind with IntouchSMS's SMPP clusters.

Set up.

Throughput Per Second (TPS).

Throughput per second (SMS) is the maximum number of messages that can be handled by the SMPP connection without a degradation in service quality.

TPS is tailored to each customer’s requirement during our onboarding process. In most cases for each bind connected to IntouchSMS SMPP servers you will be able to submit a maximum of 60 message per second. You can check with your accout manager of specific requirements, and the maximum tps that you can be assigned.

Configuration and Access.

You can configure SMPP access to the intouchSMS Gateway through the following steps:

  • Get familiar with SMPP technology, including details about character encoding, DLR formats, concatenated messages, throttle management and other important information.
  • Contact Intouch Communications to get a dedicated account manager for SMPP connectivity. He will evaluate your requirements and request for certain information pertaining to your connectivty request.
  • Email us your connection details. We will configure our system to enable SMPP access for you and send you a confirmation email with links to further resources: ndungutserobert[ at ]gmail[ . ]com, edwinhub[ at ]gmail[ . ]com