SMS Reseller

Business Accounts


intouchSMS has designed the Reseller Solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to resell SMS credits to their customers for business purposes.

There are two business models possible:

Agent Account: The Agent Model enables a client to sell SMS to other clients directly, by adding a margin to the cost price.

Reseller Account: The Reseller Model is enables an Agent to sell SMS to other Agents.

Both models are structured to give the Agent full control over their own clients, and manage prices and credit transfers to their clients.

The Agent is required to buy SMS and pay upfront. The packages are are attractively priced. Note that the SMS credits do not expire.

Agent Account

The basic Agent Model enables a reseller to purchase premium credits and resell them at a margin. This model is most convinient for a business that has a physical location, and is accessed by many people for other services. Examples include; Internet Cafe, Printing Shops, Agency Banking center, etc.

To purchase SMS credits, the Agent makes payment made upfront, using Mobile Money that automatically credits your account with the purchased credits.

Reseller Account

The Super Agent or Reseller Agent is able to sell SMS credits to other agents and customers. The Super Agent can create Agent Accounts under their own account, and transfer credits to them. Agents created under a Super Agent are only able to purchase credits from that Super Agent.

This model is applicable to businesses which have a network of other organisations or businesses that they can turn into customers, for example, Schools, churches, Government Agencies, etc.

To purchase SMS credits, the Super Agent makes payment made upfront, using Mobile Money that automatically credits your account with the purchased credits.

The Super Agent can then sell credits to other Agents by transering to their accounts the purchased number of credits. The Super Agent has full cotnrol of the cost and credits in their account.

Pricing + Packages

Business Accounts have special packages that are structured to enable them make a profit from reselling SMS. The logic is that the higher the number of SMS the Agent purchases, the lower the cost per Unit SMS. We have packages that offer as low as 5FRW* per SMS.

There are no set-up or monthly costs incurred when becoming a reseller. The cost to the reseller for purchasing credits from BulkSMS is as per the normal batch rates shown on our pricing table. The cost to the customer of the reseller is up to the reseller.